CopperGarden Distillery Alembik, 5 liters, welded, with thermometer

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CopperGarden® Copper still Alembik 5 liters, welded with thermometer. Best quality
Informations sur le produit "CopperGarden Distillery Alembik, 5 liters, welded, with thermometer"

CopperGarden® Copper still Alembik 5 liters, welded with thermometer.

Best quality from the CopperGarden forge at an unchanged low price. With this copper still, you get a high-quality gem with a hard-soldered pot still that is guaranteed to stay tight for the long haul, no matter how much you distill with it. In addition, we supply the typical gooseneck distillation attachment, which ends in the spirit tube and can be securely connected directly to the cooler with a flared fitting.

A masterpiece from EU manufacturing, which should leave nothing to be desired and is also well suited for daily use.

Important note: This still is classified as a commercial still in Germany and Switzerland due to the size of over 5 liters. Please only order in agreement with your customs office if you are allowed to distill as part of your trade. Alternatively, we will ship if you can provide a billing or shipping address abroad. Shipping to other countries (except Germany, Austria & Switzerland) is no problem and does not need to be declared on our part.

In Austria this distillate will be declared by us at the customs office. You are also required to report the purchase of this product to customs.

-CopperGarden® Alembic copper still 5 liters hard soldered
-uncomplicated thanks to distillation pot welded with bronze
-hose 10 x 13 for distillate outlet, 12 x 16 cooler inlet and outlet
-complete with coil cooler (screwed/cooling water inlet and outlet)
-Includes ready-mounted Al-Ambik® distillation thermometer

Legal notice: This still is subject to registration in Germany, Austria and Switzerland. Please order only if you can declare this still at your customs office or provide a billing and shipping address in another country. Large stills (over 2 liters), you may use privately only for the production of essential oils, hydrolates or water. To distill alcohol, you will need a commercial distiller's license. Please clarify your options with the regional customs office responsible for you. There is a double reporting requirement for this distillery. We must report the sale of this still to customs within three days of purchase. You must report the purchase of the still to your local customs office no later than three days after delivery. In Germany and Austria, according to the new alcohol tax law, you are allowed to purchase distilleries up to two liters from us without registration. In Switzerland up to three liters for the production of essential oils and hydrolates.

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