Sensoleo Spruce Oil Organic

Sensoleo Spruce Oil Organic
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100% natural pure spruce oil organic, Picea Abies Raw material from certified wild collection... mehr
Produktinformationen "Sensoleo Spruce Oil Organic"

100% natural pure spruce oil organic, Picea Abies
Raw material from certified wild collection of the Sauwald-Pramtal region
Production by steam distillation of the needles

Elements: Air
Fragrance: balsamic, fresh, spicy
Helpful with: cystitis, lability, rheumatic complaints

I grow in all temperate climate zones of the world and reach a height of up to 60 metres. You can easily recognise me by my hanging cones, the reddish-brown bark, needles sitting on small wooden stems and my balsamic, spicy and fresh scent. A long walk in the spruce forest can transform nervousness, exhaustion and passivity into its positive counterpart and can also have an aphrodisiac effect. In the Sauwald I am the conifer you will encounter most often. In Sensoleo I am refined into essential oil and hydrolate.

Physical action: antiseptic, stimulates blood circulation, deodorizing, anti-rheumatic, expectorant;
Psychological effect: calming, strengthening, balancing;
Use: aroma lamp, sauna - infusion, aroma diffuser, room and body environment spray, bath additive, etc.
In pre-Christian times, spruce was considered a tree of protection and blessing.
It is the tree of the year 2017!

Plant: spruce
botanical name: Picea abies
Plant family: Pine family (Pinaceae)
Plant part: branches and needles
Country of origin: Austria, Sauwald-Pramtal region
Extraction: steam distillation at Sensoleo
Synonym Rottanne, common spruce
Quality 100% natural pure essential oil
Cultivation wild collection

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