Sensoleo silver fir oil organic

Sensoleo silver fir oil organic
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  100% natural white fir oil organic, Abies alba Raw material from certified wild... mehr
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100% natural white fir oil organic, Abies alba
Raw material from certified wild collection of the Sauwald-Pramtal region
Production by steam distillation of the needles

Elements: Air
Scent: balsamic, woody
Helpful with: risk of infection, bronchitis, foot problems, instability, rhinitis

I can be found all over Central Europe, you can easily recognise me by my whitish bark, white stripes on the underside of the needle and the cones growing skywards. I can reach a majestic height of 65 metres and live to be a proud 600 years old. In the Sauwald, the healing fragrances and active ingredients are extracted from my branches at Sensoleo by means of distillation. My balsamic sweet and tart aroma can protect you from infection and winter blues, especially in winter. Your lower respiratory tract is stimulated, so you can breathe more deeply and become more upright.

Element: Air
Physical effect: stimulates blood circulation, antiseptic, expectorant, cleansing, purifies connective tissue, disinfects;
Psychological effect: invigorating, centering,
Use: pillow spray, fragrance lamp, sauna - infusion, aroma diffuser, room and
Body environment spray, animal care, etc.

People in former times attributed magical protective powers to the silver fir.
They worshipped this tree as a source of strength and symbol of vitality.

Plant: silver fir
botanical name: Abies alba
Plant family: Pine family (Pinaceae)
Plant part: branches and needles
Country of origin: Austria, Sauwald-Pramtal region
Extraction: steam distillation at Sensoleo
Synonym: silver fir, silver fir, fir tree
Quality: 100% natural pure essential oil
cultivation: kbA

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