Sensoleo giant fir oil organic

Sensoleo giant fir oil organic
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  100% natural giant fir oil organic, Abies grandis Raw material from certified wild... mehr
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100% natural giant fir oil organic, Abies grandis
Raw material from certified wild collection of the Sauwald-Pramtal region
Production by steam distillation of the needles

elements: fire, air
Scent: fresh, soft, lemony
Helpful with: immune deficiency, rhinitis

At Sensoleo in Esternberg, the healing oil and hydrolate is extracted from my branches by steam distillation. My home is North America, but I was already planted in Europe at the beginning of the 19th century because of my rapid growth and resistance. In the first 40 years my trunk often reaches a diameter of 50 cm. Due to my special strength I usually survive severe storms unscathed. I have a particularly fine scent of fresh, soft forest air with a lemony note. My aroma soothes fears and strengthens basic confidence in a natural way.

element: fire/air
Physical action: antiviral, expectorant, anti-inflammatory;
Psychological effect: strengthens self-confidence, improves mood, relaxes - breathes deeply - regains strength
Use: pillow spray, fragrance lamp, sauna - infusion, aroma diffuser, room and
Body Environment Spray, and much more

The aroma of the giant fir allows us to recognize the wisdom of the heart.
Where we have to let go of people or things, it has a comforting effect and straightens us up.

Plant: giant fir
Botanical name: Abies grandis
Plant family: Pine family (Pinaceae)
Plant part: branches and needles
Country of origin: Austria, Sauwald-Pramtal region
Extraction: steam distillation at Sensoleo
Synonym: coastal fir
Quality: 100% natural pure essential oil
cultivation: kbA

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