Kratos door anchor. PPE, EN795

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Kratos door anchor. PPE, EN795 The door anchor is a temporary and transportable anchorage... mehr
Produktinformationen "Kratos door anchor. PPE, EN795"

Kratos door anchor. PPE, EN795

The door anchor is a temporary and transportable anchorage point, which complies with the European Regulation. It has been designed to be installed on door or window frames from 60 to 125 cm. The window or door frame should have a minimum breaking strength able to support static loads applied in the direction of use of at least 12 kN for one user and 13 kN for two users.

In all cases, connections between the attachment D-Rings and the fall arrest system should be made through connectors. During the use, please check regularly that the connector is correctly closed. Thus installed, the anchor point can be used according to the 2 following setups:
On window frame (façade), use in « vertical » setup: combined with a fall arrest in order to catch the user in case of a fall.
On doorframe (indoors), use in « horizontal » setup: combined with a work restraint system in order to prevent the user from accessing to an area where there is a risk of falling.

Designed to be installed on frames from 60 cm to 125 cm,
Can be used by 2 persons at the same time,
Provided with its transport bag,
Materials: aluminium,
Net weight: 4.75 kg,
Breaking strength: greater than 13 kN,
Conforms to: EN795, TS16415,

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