Crossblades with Softboot Binding, including Crampons. Snowshoes for skiing, hiking, Backcountry skiing, ski touring

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Crossblades snowshoes - the new dimension in winter sports!... mehr
Produktinformationen "Crossblades with Softboot Binding, including Crampons. Snowshoes for skiing, hiking, Backcountry skiing, ski touring"
Crossblades snowshoes - the new dimension in winter sports!

One of a kind - 1 device for 3 winter sports:

Snowshoe hiking:
Easy ascent with climbing skins and pleasurable descend - the first time ever!

Backcountry skiing:
Suitable for easy backcountry ski touring.

Ideal for slopes as well as for off piste skiing - and Crossblades are suitble on any kind of ski lift!

The patented Twin-Deck principle of this unique winter sports device for skiing gives users an energy-saving lift in deep snow; the glass fibre reinforced swivel plates cut to fit, with high-performance skin on one side and ski base with steel edges on the other side guarantee pure carving pleasure. This makes Crossblades perfect for ski slopes, as well as for easy backcountry ski touring.

Crossblades - and the winter is yours:

Crossblades come with a soft boot binding for smountaineering boots, hiking shoes, trekking shoes and soft boots, or with a hard boot binding for skiing and touring boots.
Crossblades are a high-tech innovation by the Swiss company Inventra. By using the highest quality materials they guarantee the best ascending, skiing and gliding performance on powder snow as well as on slopes - the fun factor comes free.

Using Crossblades you can walk and ski completely freely and independently of the marked slopes or specified trails.
And with just one gadget, you can have winter in your proverbial pocket.

Crossblades -  Softboot binding
What makes Crossblades so unique?

1.) When you wear Crossblades, you can enjoy whizzing down the slopes with full carving fun, rather than having to trudge down the mountain again – that’s what makes Crossblades unique, and helps to make so many backcountry ski tours perfectly feasible.

2.) Crossblading gives you a great cardiovascular workout and is wonderfully relaxing especially for city-afflicted souls, almost like a "burn in" for your mind.

3.) Crossblades are also great on sledge runs, for those who do not know, when you take the sledge back up and repeatedly break up the runs with your shoes because the snow is too soft; this way, the Crossblades glide safely over the snow with less effort back up to the top and then smoothly into the valley again after you’ve visited the mountain hut.

4.) If you want to get to the top quickly, you go to a ski resort and let the gondola, chairlift and T-bar lift carry you up the first part of the way. Once at the top you can enjoy zooming back down immediately or travel on safe terrain, in order to escape the hustle and bustle on the slopes. The depending on how you feel, you can continue to meander or indulge in a moderate "freeride descent".

5.) Thanks to the ideally selected short length and form of the Crossblades, the user can be assured of a safe performance over powder snow and hard snow.

6.) It is easy to get used to Crossblading, skiers quickly get accustomed to the agility of the short Crossblades. But even non-skiers can glide over flat terrain wearing the Crossblades.

7.) Because they are only 89 cm long, Crossblades fit into almost any trunk or along the back seat of your car, so you can also do away with the annoyance of installing a ski rack, which is great for spontaneous excursions and ski tours.

8.) Crossblades with a soft boot binding are suitable for trekking, mountaineering and hiking boots, so it is not surprising that Crossblades - snoswhoes for skiing - are also used for hunting game in the winter. You can just leave your Crossblades in the car and use them whenever you need them without having to bring your ski boots along.

9.) No matter whether you love sports or nature, Crossblading is healthy, fun and easy to learn. Crossblades bridge the gap between traditional snowshoes and backcountry skis and offer a variety of compelling benefits in both areas - ultimately they are the only snowshoes for descents.

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