Robert Baraban Band Handle, comfortable, secure grip

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Robert Baraban Band Handle for easy, safe and comfortable use with Resistance Band,... mehr
Produktinformationen "Robert Baraban Band Handle, comfortable, secure grip"

Robert Baraban Band Handle for easy, safe and comfortable use with Resistance Band, Gymnastics Band, Fitness Band

a must have for every training with tapes
safely and easily mounted in a matter of seconds, the band is to simply put on
extra welded for additional stability
Solid, galvanized steel, extremely stable and durable - Handmade in Austria
grip length 11,5cm grip thickness 3cm, feels comfortable and safe in the hand, non-slip

In order to ensure a non-slip and secure hold, the strap handles were equipped with two ribbed PVC handles. The handles are made of galvanized steel, extra tightly welded and ground to protect the training device from rust. The handcrafted products do not look the same, but their stability is convincing! Only original with the RB logo on the top!

Train wherever you want. Versatile in use. Train, work on your mobility, learn pull-ups or intensify your training. Our goal is to fully exploit your potential! Health and physical fitness - this is our motivation to develop and manufacture products that support you on your way to the highest goals.
The training possibilities with RB band grips in combination with fitness bands are almost unlimited. The main advantage is the safe and comfortable operation of the band grips.

As a pull-up aid - with the right strap the support can be individually adjusted to your fitness level.
for your own home gym - with band and grip you always have your gym at home.
for on the go - small and transportable - also as a fitness studio for on the go - always with you,
Mobility and movability - for warming up or warming down during sports or skill training.
Many exercises can be intensified by the use of fitness bands. There are no limits to your creativity!

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